KEVIN TRAYWICK knows how to make great coffee. He’s been telling film people this for years and they keep putting him to work doing other things:
• Director: 4 narrative short films, including the award-winning Manchego, and several product commercials;
• Cinematographer: Cinematography for several broadcast and internet commercials as well as 2 short films;
• Assistant Director: Keeping the trains running on time is an oddly rewarding job and he’s looked down the tracks for several short films, including the award-winning Cooking with Clare;
• Compositing: bluescreen, greenscreen, 2D and 3D camera tracking, 2.5 projection as well as UV/ST remapping. Set rebuilding, set extensions, adding and removing 3D elements, paint and roto as well as all of the glints, glows and volumetric elements a magical set needs for feature length film, short films and commercials;
• Advanced Visual Effects: pyro, destruction, particles, fluids and cloth simulations, photogrammetric scanning, animated CGI and practical effects, including forced perspective, for feature length film, short films and commercials;
• Actor: Lead actor in the web series The Agency and an ensemble member of the Broken, Alaska radio show and podcast series and recently has performed in several short films;
• Barista. Not yet even though he’s served as a Production Assistant many times. Truly a shame as he’s an accomplished barista, having been extensively trained both by a craft coffee house and the world’s largest coffee company.